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Walks are part of owning a dog, so you need to bring the right equipment with you to make things a little easier. A dog treat dispenser is definitely a convenient accessory that provides you with a secure place to store your dog treats when you’re on the move.

To help you find the best dog treat dispenser for walks, I’ve reviewed a variety of treat holders and looked at all their key features, as well as their best and weakest points.

TreatPod Leash Treat Holder and Poop Bag Dispenser

The treat dispenser comes with a versatile clip that can securely attach to all types of leashes. It also includes 15 poop bags, all of which are extra-strength and easy to tear.

TreatPod’s treat holder doubles up as a poop bag dispenser, so it’s an excellent option to use on your dog walks. This gives you a convenient place to store your dog treats and poop bags, which cuts down on the amount of equipment you need to carry.

The treat dispenser comes with a versatile clip that can securely attach to all types of leashes. It also includes 15 poop bags, all of which are extra-strength and easy to tear.

To add a bit of style to your walks, the treat holder is available in three colors: navy, blue, and pink.

The only issue with this treat dispenser from TreatPod is its awkwardness when unscrewing it to access your dog treats. As the holder is very secure, it can be a little fiddly to open.

  • Doubles up as a poop bag dispenser
  • Very secure
  • Includes a versatile clip that can attach to all leash types
  • Comes with 15 poop bags
  • Can be a bit fiddly to open the treat holder

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PetSafe Busy Buddy Twist ‘n Treat, Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

PetSafe’s treat dispensing dog toy is another great option to bring on your pooch’s walks. It’s available in many different sizes to accommodate dogs of all shapes and breeds.

You can store a wide variety of treats inside the toy, including kibble, hard chews, soft chews, and even smearable treats. The device features two halves that are adjustable so you can easily fit a range of treat types inside it.

This dog treat dispenser can be used as an interactive toy to provide your dog with long-lasting chewing fun. Alternatively, if you want to reward your dog quickly, you can simply twist the two halves far apart so it dispenses a treat immediately.

Whether your dog is a soft or medium chewer, PetSafe’s treat dispenser is suitable as it’s made from safe and non-toxic materials. It’s easy to clean and is top-shelf dishwasher safe, too!

However, the toy might not be the best choice suitable for aggressive chewers as it lacks durability. Additionally, some dogs might find the device unchallenging and easy to figure out.

  • Can be used as a treat dispenser and interactive toy
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for many types of treats
  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers
  • Some dogs might find it unchallenging to play with

Dog Treats Training Pouch, Magnetic Closure Dog Treat Bag

Next up is this magnetic closure dog treat bag, which is super easy to open and access for quick reinforcement. The pouch is very roomy, so it can hold a lot of dog treats. You could also use it to store your keys, phone, or other small items during a walk.

The bag sports an adjustable belt that you fit around your waist. It can also be attached directly to your waist using the provided dual belt clips.

As this treat bag is designed for outdoor use, it’s entirely waterproof to ensure your dog treats or other personal belongings don’t get wet! The bag is incredibly simple to clean as its interior lining can be pulled up and easily wiped down.

To make your dog walks even more straightforward, a free training clicker with a wrist strap is included with the pouch. This makes rewarding and training your dog on a walk a lot easier.

However, the design of the bag is a little bulky, but it’s still lightweight and shouldn’t limit your range of motion

  • Magnetic closure makes it easy to open
  • Can hold a lot of treats or other small items
  • Can be worn multiple ways
  • Waterproof
  • Includes a free clicker
  • Design is a bit bulky

Paw Lifestyles – Dog Treat Training Pouch

Last but not least, the Paw Lifestyles treat training pouch is worth picking up for your dog walks. It has a handy drawstring closure that can hold a large amount of treats, toys, or accessories.

The bag is a breeze to clean as it has a bright green interior, which makes messes or stains easy to spot. You can wear the pouch on your shoulder, around your waist, or attached to a belt, so it’s incredibly versatile.

If all these convenient features weren’t enough, the bag also has a built-in poop bag holder you can use to store your poop bags.

However, as the bag only has a drawstring closure, it’s not as secure as some of the other dog treat dispensers I’ve looked at.

  • Easy to clean
  • Can hold a generous amount of treats
  • Can be worn 3 ways
  • Comes with a built-in poop bag holder
  • Not as secure as some other dog treat bags


As walks are a daily routine of owning a dog, you obviously want each time to go as smoothly as possible. A dog treat dispenser can be a great addition to your walks as it provides you with an easy and secure holder to store your treats. This makes rewarding your pooch when they’re well-behaved as simple as can be.

Any one of the dog treat dispensers for walks above are a great choice worth giving a go. Some even come with additional features like poop bag holders to make you and your pup’s trip even  simpler.

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