Similar to the Samoyed and Spitz breeds the American Eskimo is one of the fluffiest, most soft-coated and majestic looking canines out there. Do you know it all about its size? Is this the right dog for you?

All you need to know about the size of Americano Eskimo
American Eskimo dog, known for its fluffy and majestic appearance

Strangely enough, the American Eskimo is neither American, nor an Eskimo. Its origin dates back to Germany where it was originally bred as a watchdog due to its noteworthy intelligence, territorial nature and susceptibility to training. During the first half of the 20th century these dogs became popular in the US as they were often recruited as circus performers. That?s right ? the American Eskimo is an amazing performer when it comes to various tricks, such as jumping through hoops.

The breed is often regarded as medium sized dog, although these puppies come in three different sizes.

The American Eskimo is considered a medium sized dog.

All you need to know about the size of Americano Eskimo
American Eskimo gained popularity in the US for circus performances due to its intelligence

Three different sizes of the lovely American Eskimo Dog Toy

How big does an american eskimo dog get?

I know that you are curious to get an answer to this question. However, bear with me, there are three sizes of the Americano Eskimo and your canine will grow, depending on the type of American Eskimo that you have

  • Teacup American Eskimo (Toy): The teacup American Eskimo, also known as toy American Eskimo, is, in fact, as tiny as a small cat. These toy sized puppies can reach 6-10lbs in weight.
  • Miniature Eskimo puppy – mid-size: The miniature Eskimo puppies are middle-sized pups weighing around 10-17lbs. Mini American Eskimos aren?t as rare as the teacup/ toy ones, but they still aren?t as popular as the standard Eskimos.
  • Standard size American Eskimo

So, what is the American Eskimo standard size? You might think it?s a relatively big dog compared to the toy and mini versions, but it?s not. Standard size puppies of this breed can weigh up to 35lbs and can reach up to only 20 inches in height.

Temperament and Personality

And what about the toy Eskimo?s temper? Here?s where the fun part comes along. American Eskimo full size dogs are just as affectionate, territorial and loyal as their teacup/ toy counterparts. The breed is extremely susceptible to training and remains notably loyal to its owners.

Furthermore, the amiable nature of the Eskimo pups makes them ideal companions for large families with children. Unfortunately, if they aren’t trained properly and if they don?t get enough exercise, they?ll become hyperactive, overenthusiastic and extra curious, making them potentially destructive.

Exercise and Grooming

Speaking of exercising, the American Eskimo toy size requires daily maintenance in terms of training, physical exercise and grooming.

All Eskimos have two coat layers ? a thick, short-haired undercoat and a longer, softer top coat. The double coat provides them with enough warmth while the thick undercoat traps air, helping the dog cool off. Without proper brushing on daily basis their fur will get tangled up and will trap dirt, bacteria and small debris.

All you need to know about the size of Americano Eskimo
Double coat requires regular brushing to prevent tangling

Health Issues

These dogs are an overall healthy breed, although they can suffer from hip and eye related health issues when they lack regular exercise and maintenance. The toy size puppies are sought after for their cuteness and miniature structure, but what many people don?t know is the fact that all American Eskimo dogs keep acting like young, playful puppies even when they become adults. They mature slower than other breeds and as such, even a 2 year old Eskimo will still have puppy traits.

Make sure that your American Eskimo gets regular exercise to prevent hip and eye health problems.

Eskimo Puppy Price

The Eskimo dog price varies depending on the type of Eskie you’re looking to buy. These gorgeous snow-white puppies are sold for anywhere between $600 and $2,000 depending on the seller, the pedigree factor and the size. Of course, toy American Eskimos are more expensive than standard size Eskies. The price for toy and miniature Eskimo puppies starts from $800.

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of these canines is around 15 years. Due to their curiosity and constant need of training and grooming, they aren’t suitable for a first-time dog owner. Nevertheless, they make an overall healthy, loyal and obedient companion, especially for families with children. The amiable nature of the American Eskimo dog and its double fur coat make it a great fit for apartments, as well as for houses with yards where they can roam and explore freely.

Eskimo dogs live up to 15 years.

Don?t get an American Eskimo toy if you just want a cute mini puppy for a lap dog. Toy sized Eskimo dogs aren’t toys. But if you?re serious about owning a smart, friendly, easily trainable and affectionate dog and you?re willing to devote yourself to training, exercising and grooming, then the American Eskimo is a suitable breed for you.

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