In a world where dogs have seamlessly integrated into our lives as companions, confidantes, and family members, it’s surprising to note that an estimated 5% of the canine population is believed to suffer from separation anxiety; 30% are excessively sensitive to at least one noise (eg, fireworks), and 29% are reported to be ‘excessively fearful’ [1].

It’s therefore clear that beyond the wagging tails and joyful barks lies a less visible reality – one plagued by anxiety. Much like humans, this common and often chronic emotional state that can significantly impact the overall well-being of our pets. In this article, we em-bark (I couldn’t resist) on a quest.

Specifically, a quest on in which I will apply my 10+ of veterinary medical training and experience, to bring you the top 3 calming treats for dogs currently available online without a veterinary prescription. Because sometimes – just like us – our dogs need a little help to keep calm and carry on.

Quick Overview

Best Overall

VetriScience Composure Calming Treats

  • Scientifically proven Composure™ blend

  • Fast acting chews within 30 minutes

  • Lasts up to 4 hours


Kradle Chillers Calming Hard Chews

  • Long lasting hard chews keep pup occupied

  • Natural flavoring, no artificial colors

  • Formulated for everyday use


Solid Gold Calming Chews for Dogs

  • Calming blend of Chamomile, Valerian Root, Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, L-Tryptophan, Melatonin

  • Big tub for 3 month+ supply

  • Tasty bacon flavor


Let’s go!

1) VetriScience Composure Calming Treats

VetriScience’s one of a kind scientifically proven calming formula combines L-theanine, thiamine and colostrum, each of which has been formally recognized to promote relaxation and support the exhibition of calming behavior. For those who may not be familiar, L-theonine is an amino acid, and serves to increase the body’s levels of GABA, serotonin (the famed ‘feel good’ hormone) and dopamine. And thiamine supplementation has been shown to improve wellbeing and appetite, and to reduce fatigue.

These convenient and effective calming dog treats are clinically shown to work within 30minutes of your dog chowing down, and effects have been shown to last up to four hours; the perfect support for separation-anxious pets. One treat didn’t quite do the trick? Composure has you covered: their feeding guide lines confirm that it’s safe to double or even triple the dose to achieve the desired calming effect, where needed. This is great as it allows titration, meaning you can adjust the dose to fit the expected degree of stress.

Car journey? Might only be one treat worth of stress, for some dogs. Fireworks? Probably more of a three-treat situation, for most.

What’s more, these treats are safe for long-term, daily use where indicated. Perfect for
any pet living with a more chronic degree of anxiety. VetriScience treats are vet
formulated and USA manufactured with the self-professed mission to ‘help pets live
happier, healthier lives’. A worthy number one on our list of best calming dog treats!

2) Kradle Chillers Calming Hard Chews

Kradle have created a very, very clever product! In fact, I’ve not come across anything
else quite like these hard chews on the market.

The unique selling point? These chews are super long lasting for a calming dog treat, designed to keep your pet occupied and mentally stimulated as well as being packed with scientifically backed active ingredients that promote tranquility. And, as any vet or animal behaviorist will tell you, distraction is an excellent means by which to ensure a calm canine companion.

So, first benefit: will keep your dog occupied for a prolonged period of time, distracting
him or her from your absence, the fireworks or thunderstorm…or indeed, whatever else
life throws at them. A great start!

Second benefit: Kradle’s calming hard chews are highly digestible (because nobody
enjoys picking up the aftermath of an upset tummy), and contain no artificial colors.
They’re naturally chicken flavored using, well…chicken. Reassuringly uncomplicated, if
you ask me.

Onto the active ingredients. These chillers contain a patented blend of GABA (gamma
aminobutyric acid), L-theanine, L-tryptophan, passionflower, ashwagandha and
S-adenosyl methionine. For those of you who don’t speak scientist, let me shed some
light on some of the key players.

Like L-theonine (who we’ve already met) GABA is an amino acid, and functions as one
of the main calming chemical messengers in your (and your dog’s) brain. L-tryptopha is converted in the body into melatonin (essential for sleep) and serotonin. And
passionflower extract has been shown in several (non-canine) clinical studies to provide anti-anxiety effects, and SAM-e, whilst not technically recognised as a calming compound, is well known to support liver health and detoxification.

Finally, you may be familiar with ashwagandha, which is a popular adaptogen
known to improve an individual’s ability to respond calmly and appropriately to stress.

My only critique of Kradle’s chillers? That they aren’t suitable for human consumption.

3) Solid Gold Calming Chews for Dogs

Sold Gold’s natural calming chews have some pretty impressive active ingredients,
some of whom we’ve already encountered: melatonin, L-theanine, L-tryptophan,
ashwagandha, valerian root and chamomile, all expertly disguised in a delectable
smoked bacon soft chew.

Unlike the other contenders on this list of best calming treats for dogs, it’s important to
be aware that Solid Gold’s chews may have the potential to cause short-term
drowsiness, due to the direct inclusion of melatonin, a natural promoter of sleep.

Whether this is a benefit or a downside depends entirely on the circumstance in which
you intend to use the chews: for long car journeys, a bedtime treat, or a means of
soothing separation anxiety, I’d argue a little drowsiness might be a good thing. But for
more general daytime use, consider VetriScience Composure Calming Treats or Kradle
Chillers Calming Hard Chews instead.

As well as promoting relaxation, Solid Gold’s calming dog treats contain an
immunity-boosting blend of amino acids and nutrient-rich animal plasma. With a ‘crave
worthy’ taste and an emphasis on emulating the prey-based ancestral canine diet, these calming dog treats are well deserving of third place on our list of best calming dog treats. Give them a try – they might just be the product you’ve been looking for.


The products above are a great place to start if your dog is experiencing anxiety, but it’s equally important to know when to bring in professional help.

Consulting with a veterinarian or an accredited animal behaviorist is highly
recommended if your dog is showing signs of anxiety that persist despite home help
measures. In some instances, prescription anxiety medication may be beneficial; your
vet can advise whether or not this is the right step for your pets.

And – crucially – a qualified and experienced behaviorist can conduct a thorough
assessment of your dog’s anxiety triggers and responses, and provide tailored guidance
and treatment options.

Never be afraid to ask for help: it’s not a failing, but the sign of an excellent dog owner.

  1. Salonen, M., Sulkama, S., Mikkola, S., Puurunen, J., Hakanen, E., Tiira, K.,
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