It was a few years ago when you got your best friend. Looking at your old, chewed up shoes reminds you of the good old days. After some time, you got lucky and found the right person for you. You lived with him for a while and you were together with your dog. But today, it’s different. Something happened and you realize you need to change your way of life. Congratulations, you are pregnant. What is next ? Bigger house, bigger family car, and what about your dog? You completely forgot about it. Your next thought is that you will need to get rid of it. But remember, it’s not an old pair of shoes you can just throw away. It’s a living creature and believe it or not, your dog loves you with all of his soul and heart. Before you start thinking about where to bring your pet, read this article first.

The most important thing you need to know about dogs is that they don’t pose any major risk for you or your baby. On the other hand, if you live with a cat, you’d need to talk seriously with your gynecologist and your vet. But that doesn’t mean your poor kitty should be given to someone else, either. Anyway, about the dog. You won’t need to change your life so much. First, and the most important thing is to make sure your dog is completely healthy. Don’t waste time, bring your friend to the veterinary clinic right away.

Your vet  doctor will get some drops of your dog’s blood for tests. In the next months of your pregnancy, you will have to treat your pet every month with medicines for parasite prevention. A pregnant woman doesn’t have to deal with fleas or worms. The parasites can infect the dog and pass it on the other family members. Every two months, you will need to bring your pet for another shot. That shot is against skin diseases. Pregnant women have to remember that after they hold or pet their dog, they need to wash their hands and face. Try to keep your dog away from your bed and the pillows.

Let the father of the baby take the fur off of the furniture. Probably until the moment you found out that you’re pregnant, your dog was your baby. You will need to change that. Start training the pet to be more independent. If you have to, try to avoid it. Don’t forget that if you don’t start that training, after the baby arrives you may have to deal with a jealous dog. If your dog is large in size, you will need to be careful. Don’t let it jump on you. Usually, animals can sense when a woman is pregnant, and they are more careful around her. Living with a dog isn’t dangerous for the baby. Try to gather more information about the pregnancy and animals. Follow the advice of your vet. doctor and your gynecologist and you won’t need to get rid of your four legged friend.

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Last Update: April 2, 2024