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Natural Dog Jerky Treats

You may love jerky and often make it for yourself, but do you know that your dog can become a fan of chewy jerky too? Well, you may ask,  is dog jerky treats good for dogs? Let’s find out whether it’s safe, how you can prepare homemade dog jerky at home + review some of the top natural products.

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Is Pea Protein Good or Bad for Dogs

You might be wondering whether the protein in peas is good or bad for your dog. Is pea protein safe for my canine? Let’s discover more about the origin of the pea protein, the allergy that it may provoke and how you can substitute it.

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Single-Ingredient Healthy Dog Treats

When you have a dog with allergies or a sensitive stomach, it can seem like every treat you use just aggravates their condition. A lot of dog treats contain unnecessary ingredients and flavorings that can trigger a reaction in dogs with food sensitivities, which results in one unhappy pup!

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[Natural] Low Protein Dog Treats

Proteins are essential for many animals, including dogs. This nutrient allows your pup’s body to function properly. The essential amino acids in the protein make their hair and skin healthy, helps them develop muscles and tissues, and gives them strength.

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Best Edible Soft Chews for Dogs

Dog chews or treats that contain beneficial ingredients to support things like dental, joint, or digestion health are ideal in your pup’s diet. However, if your dog is unable to eat hard or brittle foods, it can be difficult to find chews that accommodate their specific needs.

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