Best dogs for bernese mountain dog

Top Comfy Beds for Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese Mountain Dogs are one of the largest dog breeds, so they require a pretty big bed to sleep on. A lot of standard size beds are too small for a Bernese Mountain Dog and are probably more suited as a pillow. As you want your pup to be comfortable when they sleep, a big and comfy bed is essential.

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sad dog itching

Home Remedies for Dog Itching

Does your dog keep itching, biting and chewing at its skin? Chances are that something is irritating your dog’s skin. Itchiness in dogs can be due to many things, however the most common reason for skin irritation is allergies. Allergies can be due to parasite bites, food allergies or environmental allergies. The best way to help your dog is by trying to find out the reason for its skin allergy. This may not be an easy task however, and it can take quite some time until you find the reason for your dog’s itchiness.

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french bulldog play

Calm an anxious dog with a healthier diet

We all know that having a dog affected by high levels of stress and anxiety is heartbreaking. As pet owners we will keep trying to understand why our dog is anxious and try to remedy the situation. Many cases of anxiety in dogs can be helped by removing what is causing the stress or by training and conditioning your dog to become desensitised to it.

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lovely puppy dry skin

Home Remedies for Dog Allergies to Try Today

Having a dog with allergies is not uncommon and pet owners spend a lot of time and money visiting multiple vets to try and solve their dog’s allergy. Another great way, though, is to research home remedies for dog allergies. Allergies in dogs are manifested in different ways. Let’s explore together and brainstorm a solution for your pooch.

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dog play mental

4 easy ways to stimulate your dog’s mind

Canines of all breeds and ages need to be mentally stimulated on frequent basis, otherwise they might get dull, bored and even start acting out destructively. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a certified animal behaviorist so that you can mentally stimulate a dog. All you need is some patience and devotion in order to keep your puppy occupied and well-exercised both physically and mentally.

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