dog himalayan yak chew

Himalayan Dog Chew Ingredients

If you’ve been looking for durable and long-lasting dog chews for a pooch that loves to gnaw, you’ve probably come across Himalayan chews. This type of chew is very hard and robust, which makes them an ideal option for aggressive chewers.

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cranberry dog

Are Cranberries Good for Dogs?

Cranberries are considered a superfood for humans as they’re packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are advantageous to our health. Naturally, you might be wondering whether the same benefits apply to your pooch. So, are cranberries bad for dogs to eat?

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dog wooden floor

Best Wood for Dogs to Chew (Reviews)

As dogs are prolific chewers, durable and robust toys are a must for keeping your pup occupied for longer. Chewing is not only important for your pooch’s enrichment, but it also keeps their teeth healthy and strong.

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wood chew for dogs

Best Wood for Dogs to Chew

Probably you’re wondering what the safest chews for dogs are. Let’s discover together why your little friend likes chewing on wood and how to ensure that you provide wood which is safe to chew on.

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dog bowl

Is Pea Protein Good or Bad for Dogs

You might be wondering whether the protein in peas is good or bad for your dog. Is pea protein safe for my canine? Let’s discover more about the origin of the pea protein, the allergy that it may provoke and how you can substitute it.

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Turmeric as a natural medicine for joint issues

Does Turmeric help dogs with arthritis?

As a family of dog lovers, it was heartbreaking to see our 10-year-old Labrador, Max, showing signs of pain when jumping up onto the couch. He also seemed to be slowing down when running in the garden and was not his usual happy self. 

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soft dog chews

Best Edible Soft Chews for Dogs

Dog chews or treats that contain beneficial ingredients to support things like dental, joint, or digestion health are ideal in your pup’s diet. However, if your dog is unable to eat hard or brittle foods, it can be difficult to find chews that accommodate their specific needs.

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