If you notice that your dog isn’t acting like usual, it doesn’t want to eat or play, then you can be sure there is a problem. If you aren’t a veterinarian, you better bring your pet to the clinic. Read  our article which gives general information about Addison’s disease in dogs.  Be ready to explain what exactly is wrong with your dog. The Addison’s disease could be the reason for your worries. The vets have can have problems giving the right diagnosis. When they want to be sure that it is exactly that disease, they recommend the popular ACTH stimulation test. The problem with the diagnosis of that disease is hiding behind the symptoms. It’s a fact, that they could show evidence for some other problem with the dog’s health. That’s why you don’t have to be a personal veterinarian for your dog. You better let the specialists to do their work. We’ll try to help you by giving you some information about the symptoms for Addison’s disease .
The first thing that will capture your attention will be your laying down dog. The lethargy is the first symptom that says there’s something wrong. It’s true, sometimes your dog just doesn’t want to jump around or run after the stick, but if it’s sleeping during its ‘play time’, you have to think for a moment what could be the reason for that. The next symptoms should be an indicator that your pet needs to visit the vet clinic right away.

How to identify Addison's disease

Vomiting and diarrhea can lead to dehydration. If your dog starts doing that, first you need to check and see if he got into some poison. Probably, there’s something in your pet’s stomach or blood. Don’t waste time, take the animal to the clinic immediately. The next symptom for Addison’s disease is a lack of appetite. You feed your little friend with the best food and it loves it. But not today. The dog doesn’t want to eat, or it tries to eat but in the moment when the dog’s nose goes near to the food, your pet decides to step back. Shaking and muscle weakness are also symptoms.

If you are sure that your dog didn’t spend the night under the rain out and the shaking isn’t caused by the cold weather, then you can be sure that there is a problem. Before you go to the vet clinic, check the temperature of your dog. The vet will ask about that. If it’s too low, then leave your dog to sleep on some nice and warm blanket and call the vet. It wouldn’t be nice to make your dog go out in that condition. The weak pulse will make you want to call the doctor immediately.

You think, these symptoms aren’t so serious and may be, if you wait until tomorrow everything will get better. Well, you can go to sleep with that thought, but we don’t recommend it. If you really love your dog, then do the best you can. These symptoms are the sign of the Addison’s disease. Catch that disease in time and your dog will share the coming years with you.

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Last Update: April 2, 2024