The Boxer is the seventh most famous breed of dog in the United States. There is one curious fact about these dogs, the Boxer has the longest tongue among the dogs. This dog is bred from the Old English Bulldog and they are very playful and loyal. These dogs aren’t so big, but they definitely aren’t a small breed either. Boxers feel better in a big house, than in a small apartment. Of course, many people live long and happy lives with their Boxers in apartments, and they say their pets feel alright. If you live in a house, forget about the idea to send your friend to live outside. These dogs can’t deal with the outdoors if it isn’t for walks. Boxers are very energetic and need a lot of exercise.

You need to keep their minds busy all the time. If you don’t it will find something to chew on. Having a boxer means that the phone number of your veterinarian will be the first number on your contacts list. You will need to take care of the animal and watch about its health closely. The most common diseases are hip dysplasia, cancer, and heart problems. Boxers are very intelligent dogs. They don’t need more than one hour a day to learn new commands. They are also very good watch dogs and excellent guardians. These dogs loves to get attention. They like games with balls and sticks. They don’t mind taking a part in agility competitions, and usually they do very well. The Boxer is an ideal family dog. It gets very close to every family member.

The Boxer can act kind of distant around strangers, but when it sees they are expected guests, it completely forgets about them. Your Boxer will always warn you about intruders. And the best part is that the dog will attack to protect your property. These dogs are friendly to kids and love being around them. But if your kids are too little, you don’t need to deal with a playful, young Boxer. Its size and desire to play and wrestle could hurt the child.

The Boxer has a short back, strong limbs, and its coat is short. You will need to brush it only because you will want to get rid of the loose fur. These dogs are lovely and deserve to live with people, who love them. It’s really sad that in the last few years, many people started to use Boxers for dog’s fighting. It shows how primitive some people truly are.

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Last Update: April 2, 2024