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Probably you’re wondering what the safest chews for dogs are. Let’s discover together why your little friend likes chewing on wood and how to ensure that you provide wood which is safe to chew on.

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Why Do Dogs Chew on Wood?

When you’re on a walk with your pooch, you might have noticed them pick up sticks or branches to chew on. Alternatively, your pup might continuously chew on a wooden piece of furniture in your house despite having a variety of chew toys to play with. So, what makes wood so enticing to dogs?

Dogs view wood as a chew toy, especially if you play fetch with them using sticks. Unfortunately, your pooch might not distinguish between your household furniture and a stick outside.

Excessive chewing is typically seen in puppies and young dogs during teething. Teething can start from as early as 3 weeks of age and can last until around 6 months of age. Puppies chew to help reduce pain while they’re growing teeth, as well as to explore the world around them.

This is a vital component of a puppy’s development. If they’re not taught which things are appropriate to chew on from an early age (such as your hands, household objects, and furniture), then it can be difficult to break this behavior once they get older.

Additionally, dogs chew to keep themselves occupied and to reduce boredom. If your pooch is left alone without any entertainment, then they might chew to help pass the time. However, if you notice your dog chews on furniture while you’re not home, this might be due to anxiety.

Some dogs can get separation anxiety, which can cause things like excessive chewing, whining, pacing, and toileting inside. Pooches with separation anxiety find it very stressful when their owner leaves or isn’t in their line of sight. 

As dogs have no concept of time, they cannot distinguish between a few minutes and a few hours. So, even even if you’re only gone several minutes, the experience is just as stressful for your dog as if you’d been away a couple of hours.

During the time you’re away, your dog might chew as a coping mechanism. If there are no chew toys available, they might turn to your furniture or other household objects. 

Lastly, dogs might chew wood because of pica. This condition causes animals to eat inedible or dangerous objects. Most cases of pica are caused by poor nutrition, but it can also be due to an intestinal parasite.

If you notice your pup continuously gnawing on or eating wood or other dangerous things, make sure you take them to a vet to get checked out.

What Wood Is Safe for Dogs to Chew?

golden chewing wood

While wood seems relatively harmless for dogs, there are a few risks associated with it. The next time your pup picks up a branch to chew on, you might want to consider taking it away.

The biggest hazard of wood is the type of tree it’s from. Some types of wood are toxic to dogs, including white cedar, Australian pine, cherry trees, and apple trees. Both cherry trees and apple trees can produce high levels of cyanide when consumed in large quantities. 

As you can never be sure whether the stick you’re pooch is chewing on isn’t one of the deadly varieties listed above, it’s best to discourage your dog from gnawing on sticks altogether. 

Furthermore, sticks found in a park could be coated in insecticide or poisonous chemicals that can make your dog very sick if consumed.

Another danger of wood is its tendency to splinter. When chewed on, wood easily splinters and breaks into little shards. These shards can puncture or cut up your dog’s mouth, which could cause an infection.

In addition to this, if your pooch ingests any pieces of wood, then they could get an intestinal blockage. 

If your canine enjoys munching on wood, wooden chew toys are a much better alternative as they won’t splinter or make your pup sick. Wooden chew toys are either made entirely out of dog-safe wood or are mixed with other materials. 

Wooden chew toys are a better alternative to wood as they are made of dog-safe wood.

Are Gorilla Wood Chews Safe for Dogs?

One of the most popular wooden chew bones for long-lasting chewing is Gorilla wood toys, so you might have wondered ‘œare Gorilla wood chews safe for dogs?’. Gorilla wood chews are safe for dogs, so you can let your pup chew on them to their heart’s content.

Let’s take a look at the drawbacks and benefits of Gorilla wood chews, as well as some other wood chew toys for dogs in the review section below!

Ware Gorilla Chew

Gorilla wood uses natural ingredients as it’s made from Java wood, which is completely safe for dogs to chew on. It comes in a variety of lengths to suit dogs of all sizes. To make it gentle on your dog’s mouth, any sharp or pointed edges are sanded down.

As Gorilla chews are completely natural, each one has a unique shape. Some are lighter in color, some have big knobbly pieces, and some even have blemishes and holes. 

The chew is quite hard but soft enough to make a small dent if you push your fingernail into it. The wood softens up slightly from saliva as your dog chews on it. When the chew dries out, its texture hardens again. For the most part, Gorilla wood is very durable and should last your pooch for a fairly long time.

When in use, Gorilla wood can be a bit messy as it’s easy to pull off bits of wood when it’s wet. However, the wood doesn’t splinter, so you don’t need to be concerned about it cutting up your pup’s mouth. 

The chunks that come off the wood when your dog is chewing on it are akin to a mushy, soft pulp rather than sharp shards you get with sticks. Gorilla wood can also have a bit of a pungent odor when it is wet from your dog’s saliva. 

Overall, Gorilla wood is a durable and natural chew that’s a great substitute to sticks. If your pup has a habit of chewing on sticks or wooden furniture, then you should definitely consider giving Gorilla wood a try.

  • Made from natural and dog-safe wood
  • Durable
  • Unique shape
  • Can be a bit messy
  • Can have a pungent odor when wet

I hope that you have found our overview useful. If you consider the wood as a good choice for your four-legged friend (I’m sure that you will like it vs other toys), then stay tuned for Doglovely’s article on hand-picked and reviewed best wood and wooden toys for dogs.

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