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How do you choose the best and safest dog toys for Yorkshire Terrier? Is a soft toy best for your pup? How do you protect any dental damage? Let’s find it out together.

Safest toys for Yorkies
The Yorkshire Terrier is a brave, intelligent, and affectionate breed.

The Yorkshire Terrier is brave, intelligent, affectionate and very sweet.  Your Yorkie lives in a world of giants, but nothing stop sit from playing

Benefits of Buying Yorkshire Terrier Dog Toys

playful Yorkie
Toys provide happiness and mental development for Yorkshire Terriers.

Let’s review why you need a toy in the first place and how it can help your Yorkie’s health.

Improve physical and mental health

A toy for your Yorkshire will give it the opportunity to be happy and develop both physically and mentally. Playing is the mostpowerful and effective tool for learning, releasing energy and improvingcognitive abilities.

Learn to control biting

Playing isessential for your dog’s learning. The toy for your Yorkshire Terrier must be aresistant toy, because although your Yorkie is considered a small breed, it can destroy the toy quite quickly.

I recommendyou to use rope toys, balls or dog teethers, because you can control the game, your dog’s biting and release the toy only when necessary.

Help keep it calm

Dogs love biting and chewing on something, this is relatedto their inherent instinct for hunting. While your Yorkie is chewing,endorphins are created in the brain and this gives it the feeling of calmness.

Healthy teeth and jaws

The truth is that puppy teething hurts. Therefore, tooth pain and irritated gums are very normal during this time. Dog toys like kong puppy binkie and soft puppy dog ‘‹’‹toys are a good choice for Yorkie puppies. The Kong Puppy Binkie helps you train your Yorkie’s appropriate chewing behavior while he/she is still young. In general, the toys for the Yorkshire Terrier like teethers, bones or antlers will help it clean its teeth and exercise its chewing muscles.

There is a multitude of toys and accessories for dogs, butI’m sure that you are looking for the most suitable toy for your Yorkie. If you buy a toy that is not suitable for your Yorkshire Terrier, it can tear it apartor, what is worse, swallow a piece that can be harmful or toxic!

Do not worry,I will help you find the toy that will make your Yorkshire Terrier happy.

I’ve reviewedthe best and safest toys for Yorkies. Always choose a toy that is safe and of high quality to keep your pooch healthy.  

Note that Yorkies have quite sensitive digestive systems and can easily get injured while performing jumps. Thus, playing with them can be a bit tricky if you don’t have proper dog toys for Yorkshire Terriers.

Prevent separation anxiety

There are many types of toys for your Yorkshire Terrier. Remember that when your four-legged friend is trying to solve a puzzle or get that cherished treat prize, then he/she will be more focused on the task and will get tired physically and mentally. Also, if your canine is entertained, you can leave him alone or do other things.

Remember that if you have never left him alone, then it’s good that you train your buddy to be alone for some minutes with its toy in another room. Then you can appear mysteriously, so he/she builds a habit to know that you will return. Thus, you can gradually increase the time that he/she will be alone and once the real moment comes, he would be already used to it.  

Types of Dog Toys for Yorkies

Soft chews are best for Yorkies
Yorkies enjoy small ping-pong balls, rubber balls, and chewable toys.

DO choose

Small Ping-Pong balls

Small Ping-Pong balls are a better fit for Yorkies than tennis balls. Small rubber balls, ropes and other chewable toys are also suitable for these pups as long as they have smaller sections, which the Yorkie can bite down with ease with its tiny jaw.

Stuffed toys

Stuffed toys like teddy bears are also good toys for Yorkies. This breed easily becomes attached to its pet parent and as such, soft, comforting toys like stuffed animals are a necessity for them when they’re left home alone. The cuddly, plush toys need to be lightweight so that the puppy won’t have troubles when picking it up and carrying it around.

Dog Puzzle toys

Yorkies love dog puzzle toys. If this easily trainable breed gets bored and wants something new to play with, interactive puzzles (especially the ones in which you can hide treats) will keep the Yorkie well-entertained at all times.

Squeaky toys for Yorkies

Another must-have option for Yorkshire Terrier owners are the squeaky toys. If it’s small, interactive and produces sounds, the Yorkie will love it. These canines are quite curious and active.

Thus, they’ll need something to occupy their attention and to help them blow off the excessive energy. In such cases the squeaky toys will come in handy.

Soft and squeaky toys are Yorkies’ favorites!

Don’t choose

Yorkshire Terriers are a common toy-dog breed, but they are quite different from other small dog breeds. Due to the health problems related to their teeth, legs and digestive system, there are many types of toys, which may pose danger to your Yorkie.

Dangling toys

Dangling toys fall under the category of unsuitable toys for these canines. While the dog’s curious temperament will make it want to jump and bite the toy, these actions will eventually harm the puppy. That’s one of the reasons Tug-of-war isn’t a suitable game for Yorkshire Terriers.

Edible chewable toys

The edible chewable toys are also dangerous for this tiny breed. The Yorkie’s extremely sensitive stomach doesn’t react well to foreign bodies. Edible chewable bones like Rawhide may result in indigestion and other health issues.

Bulky and hard toys

Bulky and hard toys are absolutely out of the question. Many owners make the mistake of relying on massive, heavy and sturdy toys so their dogs won’t tear them apart or chew some part off, but the Yorkie’s tiny body structure and problematic teeth aren’t made for such toys.

Avoid tennis balls and any toys with abrasive surface!

Reviews of the Best Toys for Yorkies

It is normal that you do not know which type of toy is best for your furry friend, it is not easy to find the best toy for Yorkshire Terrier, you want it to be safe, entertaining, long-lasting and healthy.

I’ve investigated which are the best Yorksire Terrier dog toys and I’ve primarily focused on getting the best suggestions when it comes to safety and health. As you know, this is what makes Doglovely different from other websites

First of all, I don’t recommend you to choose tennis balls of abrasive materials. Also, believe it or not, the foam balls are considered indestructible, but are not strong enough for the Yorkie’s jaws!

1. The Boomer Ball

After conducting a research and reading hundreds of reviews about different balls, I’d recommend you the Boomer ball.

The boomer ball would keep your Yorkie happy and entertained + it’s a great choice for getting physical activity and exercise. You throw the ball, your pup isrunning after it, you hide it, then your paw friend is looking for it’¦As simpleas that! If your canine is lazy, this will help you keep it active.

You should choose the smallest size S for your Yorkie, the ball is easy to clean and you can carry it with you when you go on a holiday.

The Boomer Ball is quite solid, because it’s made of a durable polyethylene.

It is very difficult to pinch these balls or break them into pieces. This is an important characteristic of a dog toy for Yorkie, because most balls which are sold today don’t last very long’.

2.Frisbee KONG FLYER

Thetoys Kong are very popular nowadays and offer all type of toys for any type of dog, breed or need. It’s very sturdy, sturdy product, but it’s the all-timefavorite of any dog.

The Frisbee KONG FLYER has more advantages than the ball, because it can make your Yorkie run and do more physical activity. Compared to other standard Frisbees, this toy would resist more to the strength of the Yorkie’s teeth. What I like about it is that it’s made of natural rubber and is safe for your canine’s health.

  • Quite solid due to the natural rubber material.
  • Easy to fetch and a good companion to strengthen your bold with your canine.
  • Kong Frisbee will fly quite far away. Therefore, it’s an excellent toy for your Yorkie’s physical activity and is particular suitable for outdoor games.
  • It’s considered easy to clean and it can be folded in the pocket when you go to the park.
  • Made in the USA.

The only one that I have so far is the fact the Frisbee is more suitable for outdoor activities.

3.Petstages Squeaky Dog Toy

Petstages Squeaky Dog Toy is a great companion for your Yorkie and we love the funny shapes, the monkey is my top pick.

  • This is an incredible toy, because it’s plush which makes it a great choice for a soft toy.
  • It will double the fun for your Yorkie, because it has 2 different squeakers that make it unique.
  • Yorkshire Terriers like it, because it squeaks and is soft.
  • It’s ideal for Yorkie as it’s small, just the perfect size to fits in the mouth.
  • Safe and squaky fun all the time!
  • The toy maintains its shape and keeps squeaking even if punctured.
  • No Stuffing!
  • The shape is particular good for throwing/catch as well.
  • Endless hours of safe, squeaky fun for your Yorkie.
  • The lovely Mini Monkey stimulates mental play to eliminate boredom.

Some Yorkies destroy it. It can still last for some time, but well, it’s not eternal, and it will get destroyed at some point.

4. Crunchcore Bone Petstages

Squeaky dog toys come in many forms. They are made to be bitten and make noise when your Yorkie plays with them. This type of toy is particularly suitable for a young Yorkishire Terrier that wants to chew all the time.

  • Especially suitable for puppies or young Yorkies, because they constantly need something to chew on and relieve the gums. Small pups have energy and they need to be busy all the time.
  • Opting for Petstages Crunchcore Chewable Bones, you’ll rest assured that you will help your four-legged friend limit its destructive behavior and meet their chewing needs.
  • Dogs love that crunch sound. Just squeeze to feel and hear the crunch! You will find out that your canine is quite playful

The thing is that the noise attracts the dog’s attention and will excite it about playing even more!

If you want to save your furniture and keep your buddy busy, you will like this toy!

Your Yorkie may like it so much that it’ll never get tired of it!

5. Trixie Dog Activity Flip Board

The principle of this toy is to hide a candy in a puzzle and the Yorkshire Terrier must find the trick in order to access the treat and eat it.

This type of toy is perfect for the training of your Yorkshire Terrier. It’s kind of a gourmet toy + your buddy will never get tired and will become even smart!

This toy will help your canine be more patient, concentrated, develop its memory and intelligence.

  • You can hide a healthy treat in it. I like it.
  • Dogs are entertained all the time!
  • The size of the toy is the right one for the Yorkie breed.
  • This toy helps the intelligence of your canine.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • The training level 2 of the Trixie Flip Board is designed especially for small dogs and is ideal for your Yorkie!

Your canine can destroy the toy if it tries to get the treat out too quickly. Therefore, don’t show the treat to it before putting it inside the toy.

The rating is based on the Amazon average rating for the product at the time of publication and can change.


Yorkshire Terriers are loyal, affectionate, playful and susceptible to training. As such, they are suitable companions for lone owners, as well as for families with children. Unfortunately, due to the numerous health risks of these canines, not all puppy toys are safe for them. If you’re having suspicions about purchasing a new item for your Yorkie, consult with a vet and check the label to make sure there are no harmful toxins, chemicals and choking hazards.

For the sake of simplifying things, let’s put it this way ‘“ the most appropriate toy for the Yorkshire Terrier is the soft toy. It needs to be extremely lightweight, because these canines can’t pick up heavy toys unlike their larger canine counterparts.

The toy also needs to be small in size and soft to the touch so that it won’t damage the puppy’s teeth. Yorkies have a long history of dental problems like most small canine breeds. As such, hard and heavy toys can severely damage their pearly whites.

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