The Bernese Mountain Dog was bred to help the farmers with their work. The breed was developed in Swiss Alps. Today they are perfect dogs for big families or even single people.

These dogs are one of the best companions. The size of the Bernese Mountain Dog is large. It’s impossible to keep that dog in a small apartment. Although it isn’t an energetic dog, it needs fresh air and open spaces. The Bernese Mountain Dog will choose one of the family members and it will start following it everywhere. These dogs are very sensitive and gentle.

They want to get your attention and they feel comfortable when they are around you. These animals are good natured, affectionate, and easygoing. They are known as very intelligent dogs. You’ll find that their training will be pleasurable for you. They learn new commands easily, but sometimes they don’t pay attention to their training. They get distracted easily. Because of their high level of intelligence, the Bernese Mountain Dogs are very good at manipulating people.

You won’t notice when and how, but your pet will start making you do what it wants. That’s why you need to keep its brain busy and show it that you are the boss and that you run the situation. It’s an interesting fact, that these big guys are very shy dogs. That’s why you need to socialize them while they are still puppies. They need to get used to being out with other people and animals. Your big friend could have problems in the summer. Because of its coat, the dog could overheat.

It will be good if you have air conditioning. Especially because of the heat, the Bernese Mountain Dogs love to dig holes in the ground and after that lay in them. It can get dirty, but it’s okay if the dog doesn’t feel the heat anymore. These dogs chase animals smaller than themselves. Usually they don’t run. They aren’t so energetic and they prefer to nap instead of playing around. That dog definitely doesn’t like to play with balls or run after sticks.

It won’t be a good companion if you are too active. The Bernese Mountain Dogs won’t bark without a reason. That makes them good watch dogs. Sometimes, if they are in a good mood, they could take a part in agility competitions. These dogs are very gentle with kids. But you need to watch them, because they are large animals and they could push the little kids. The coat of the dog is long and you will need to brush it once or twice every day. The Bernese Mountain Dogs are very attractive dogs. If you aren’t an outgoing person and you prefer to spend the weekends at home, that may be your best choice for a dog.

Note that the Bernese Mountain Dog needs a proper nutrition and fresh water, don’t overlook the regime and establish a feeding schedule. I’d recommend you to opt for a combined water and food feeder, there is a variety of dog feeders (dispensers), models of any design and size for your choice.

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Last Update: April 2, 2024