The Australian Terrier is another one dog that has its own opinion about everything. It’s a small dog. If you live in a small apartment, you don’t have to worry about the size of your friend. The place will be comfortable for both of you. That dog can be the best family dog, but only if there are no little kids around. It is very energetic, loyal, intelligent, adaptable, and tough dog. The most important thing for the dog is to be in close contact with its family. The Australian Terrier isn’t a dog for nervous people. It may refuse to listen and do what it wants.

Your pet will never get in fight with other dogs, but if you spoil it, you have to be ready to have an aggressive dog. If you think that you can have more than one male dog at your house, you have to forget about that. The Australian Terrier will never let another male pet on his territory. This dog is very protective. It’s one of the best watch dogs. That Terrier is one of the most intelligent animals in the whole world. Training it will be a game. But don’t forget that if you start to spoil the dog, it will think it’s the boss and you are its personal slave. You don’t have to stop training it, because the dog will decide to forget everything and follow its own ideas. The coat of the dog is long, brown and black.

Looking After An Australian Terrier

You can cut it more often or once in six months. The fact that not a single piece of fur will be found on the furniture makes that breed one of the favorites of every housewife. If you decide to leave the coat of the dog long, than don’t forget that you’ll have to brush it at least once every day. That dog doesn’t like to see strangers around its place. It will always warn its family that there is someone out there. If you think that getting a cat is a good idea, forget about that too.

The Australian Terrier will chase every cat, rabbit, or mouse. That dog loves to play with kids, but if they try to tease it, it may try to bite them. Your pet will need many different exercises. You can use a little stick or a ball to get the attention of the little guy. That Terrier isn’t so popular like the Yorkshire Terrier, but it’s definitely more protective and loyal. You can see in its eyes that this is one independent dog.

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Last Update: March 11, 2024